Hello! I am Peter Hofmann. I live and work in Mainz, Germany. Here is more about me.
I design systems for visual communication. Like books / brochures, websites and corporate design. If you like to work with me on a project or hire me as a freelancer, feel free to contact me, thank you.

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About me

I am a self-employed certified media-designer and student of communication design (8 semesters) at the Hochschule Mainz in Germany.

Although my roots have been in book design long before my studies, I have also always been deeply interested in programming. This is why my design approach often involves programmatic and generative principles. For instance, the portfolio on this website is generated via a bunch of API requests from my Behance profile.

From my point of view, design today more and more evolves into a design of systems that generate the desired output, independent of a specific medium. The designer has to think more conceptually and abstract to be able to set the rules that define how those systems should behave. In my work and studies, I try to incorporate this mindset, to experiment with it and to learn about it's possibilities and restrictions.


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